The newspaper 2010

Description: performance

Materials: newspaper

The same newspaper for almost a whole year.

Take it anywhere, read it anywhere, pretending nothing. Especially sitting on a bench or on public transport. A social experiment, to see how many people want to peek and take advantage of the free news that proximity to others offers them. Everyone is looking at the newspaper, which was already a day old when the performance started. Some, very few, notice the date and point it out; others wonder and discuss facts that have passed for months, thinking they are fresh news of the day. The performance leads to identify different types of people. It leads us to investigate the relationship we have with information, its close link with passive travel, and routine as something that repeats itself endlessly but retains the aura of the "new day". The ritual of buying the newspaper daily and reading it on public transport is extreme in the ritual of always reading the same newspaper. The performance ends when the newspaper used is lost and never found again.