Il ricamo del tempo 2006

Description: decoration, installation
Materials: dust, generic support
Dimensions: variable according to the project
The embroidery of time, Eleonora Todde, 2006

I am fascinated by the signs of time and by the poetry that they emanate, like a perfume. The dust becomes a witness to the presence of the object and of the time that passed through it. The dust embroidery is a pattern that is detailed, intricate and precious, but at the same time fragile - a metaphor for the human condition, a complex and ephemeral network, because a breath of wind is enough to make it disappear.

Eleonora Todde's project, born during a workshop with Corrado Levi "Designing a decoration", Politecnico di Milano, 2006; in the same year, it will be realized a table that has as its only decoration work the "Il ricamo del tempo" with Daniela and Francesca Manca; the artwork is still carried out by the artist on different supports, as a shelf, and the project will be selected by the art competition Young talents, Affordable Art Fair, Milan.