Il cuore delle cose 2010

Designed by: Eleonora Todde, Daniela e Francesca Manca
Description: Shelter for humans and the sea
Materials: sand, cement

Behind the apparent immobility of stones, there emerges the architecture of the “Heart of Things”, the readability of the slow and inevitable process of transformation inherent in the nature of all things.
Faced with the Heart of Things, we gently fall into the dimensions of eternity and endlessness, where there is a growing awareness that the reality around us is in a progressive, irreversible transformation and that the apparent end of each substance always preludes, seamlessly, to ever-differing manifestations of something that renews itself.
The stone flakes off and, over the millennia, produces sand which, re-compacting itself, generates forms that did not exist before, ready to let themselves be worn through countless times again.
The language of this shelter is essential. It is made of substance that, as it crumbles with the passing of time, loses its original shape, to show the true "heart" of the architecture hidden inside it. Man designs an internal shape which the sea and the wind, through their erosive action, will sculpt and reveal.