If you see something, say something 2012

Description: Installation / Performance

Materials: paper bag, windup clock

Dimensions: variable

An anonymous paper bag, with inside a wind-up alarm clock, sealed with staples so that the content is not easily seen, is left in a random point of the art gallery. The alarm clock, with its mechanical chimes, evokes the terror caused by a parcel bomb, "forgotten" not by chance. The title takes up the recurring phrase in the stations of the New York City subway, a phrase that invites citizens to report any suspicion, in order to foil attacks and dangers in general. With this intervention, I wanted to observe the the audience reactions: in my imagination, visitors might have got scared, and reported the strange discovery at the entrance... The work was stolen because, perhaps, a sealed bag is more desirable (as its content is unknown, it is good to fantasize) or has been opened and the alarm clock was to their liking or was what they needed or they believed it was of value? Or is it just the enjoyment of taking away something from an art gallery? The cameras failed to record the action / a performance without their knowledge!