C'era una volta 2007

Description: game for kids
Materials: vegetable cardboard, plasticized coloured print, mirror paper
Dimensions: 297x297x4 mm

A single, infinite fairy tale, or many small interchangeable tales, true or invented by the imagination of a child that tells them.
The game consists of fissured boards, on the front of which are drawn people, animals and places of fairy tales, while on the back there are special mirrored papers which create games of reflections acting as small optical machines.
Every card is large in size and is fissured in order to create joints at will. It lets the child find himself at the centre of his/her fairy tale, always different and very personal in its sheer physicality: not only is he/she reflected on the mirrored paper, but the size of the game allows for the building of a castle of fables around him/her.